Sometimes clients pay only part of the invoice total and with AND CO you can totally record the partial payment on the invoice and even send a updated invoice showing the payment made as well as the balance owing.ย 

To record a partial payment on an invoice select the "outstanding" invoice > select 'Record Payment'

A pop up window will appear so you can enter in the payment amount and the paid date

Once you have entered in the details of the payment select > Record Payment once selected the payment will be recorded and you will be given the option to also send a payment receipt.ย 

(You can send a payment receipt via the invoice > invoice history > select payment > send receipt at any time once a payment has been recorded)

Once the payment has been recorded you will see it reflected against the invoice > invoice history section, showing the date and amount.ย 

Payments made online via your PayMe Page are automatically recorded against the invoice and you will see this reflected via the invoice > payments tab.ย 

Your client can also enter part payments via the invoice PayMe Page simply by editing the amount in the amount field

You can also view the invoice details > history tab to see a history of payments

You can then send a updated invoice to reflect the amount paid and the balance owing. To do this select the > Invoice > more tab > invoice againย 

Simply select > Next/follow the prompts to Send ย the updated invoice showing the total paid so far and the balance owing.

Once the updated invoice has been sent you will see it reflected in the app/display showing the payments and balance due. You can also see the history via the invoice history section.

You will also see via the invoices tab > the invoice showing total amount and amount received.


  • Invoices paid online via your PayMe page will auto record the payments on the invoice.ย 
  • If the invoice has been paid online via your PayMe page and you are wanting to send a updated invoice showing the outstanding amount, select the invoice > Invoice Again > Send Invoice
  • "Mark as Paid" allows your to mark the invoice as paid by ignoring any outstanding amounts on the invoice if required.
  • Send a payment receipt at any time via the invoice > invoice history section top right > select the payment amount in green > Send Payment Receipt.ย 
  • Delete a payment at anytime by selecting the invoice > Invoice History section top right > select the payment amount in green > Delete.

๐Ÿ’Œ ย Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. ๐Ÿ’Œ


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