Edit & Customize Contracts With AND.CO PRO

AND.CO PRO Paid plan unlocks the ability to edit contracts, add custom fields and sections, change text, remove and hide fields as well as settings.

Once you have upgraded AND.CO PRO you can get started editing and customizing your contract by selecting to create either a
Proposal + Contract

Once you have selected to create either a proposal + contract or contract you can then edit the contract template by editing the contract in edit view

Within the contract edit view you will notice that in section B you can select the edit option in each section

Once you have selected to edit a section, make your edits and select save/update.

Once you have saved your edits/changes you will see that the section will highlight the edited field as "custom" so you know which sections have been edited.

You can also select to reset the section/field back to the default text if required simply by selecting > reset

You can select Hide to hide sections from the contract

Once you have selected the Hide option the section will be hidden.

To un hide the section simply select the option > Show

You can also add sections simply by selecting the > add a clause option

Once selected you will see a new section created where you can enter in details of your clause

Enter in your Header and paragraph text and select add

Once added you will see the section on the contract with as a custom section

Once you have made your required edits and customization's  you can send the contract to your client for approval by selecting Next  > signing it and selecting Send.

You can also access additional options such as saving the contract/proposal as a draft, contract settings, download pdf options and more via the top left options menu. 

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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