With AND.CO you can create an invoice anytime simply via these options:

  • Create tab top right 

  • Invoices tab 

  • Clients Tab

  • Projects Tab

Create Invoice Via The Create + Tab Top Right 

Select the create tab in green top right > invoice

Create A Invoice Via The Invoices Tab

Select invoices tab > New Invoice

Create A Invoice Via The Clients Tab

Select your client > +New Invoice or +invoice client

Create A Invoice Via The Project

Select the projects tab > select the project > + invoice project

When you select to create a invoice via the +create tab, invoices tab and clients tab you will be prompted to select from the options.

  • An existing project - this creates a invoice which is linked to your existing project

  • A new project - this allows you to create a new project and invoice together.

  • Just A Quick Invoice - This allows you to create a quick invoice which is linked to a client (not a project)

For an existing project simply select the project from the drop down menu of options

Once you have selected your project select > Next and select which terms you would like to invoice. These terms you have already set up within the project terms.

Simply select the terms you wish to invoice and select next and your invoice will be created. You can then edit or save your invoice by selecting the options tab top left or select next to send your invoice to your client for payment.

For a new project simply enter in the project name and select > next and follow the prompts to create your project, project terms and invoice for your client.

Select a existing client or create a new client

Set up your project terms and services you will be invoicing for the project and select > next

Select the terms you want to invoice for your newly created project and select > next

Once you select > next your invoice will be created and you can save it as a draft or make any edits via the options tab top left 

Select Invoice settings tab to make any changes to your invoice settings 

You can edit settings such as;

  • Country

  • Invoice currency

  • Invoice language

  • Region Format

  • Tax settings

  • Turn on /off online payments

You can also select to update any of these settings as your default settings by selecting the option to "use these settings on all future invoices"

Save invoices as a draft by selecting the save and close option

or simply send it to your client by selecting next top right and selecting to send it. 

You can also select a email template or create a new email template. You can switch between email templates and you can also access these via your settings tab > templates tab where you can create, manage and edit your library of templates. See more via this FAQ article on how you can create email templates

For A Quick Invoice (quick invoices are not attached to projects) > select Just a Quick Invoice and select next. Simply follow the prompts to enter in what you are invoicing (line items/services/rates) and create your invoice.

Quick Invoices allow you to enter in multiple line items/services and send it to your client for payment. Quick Invoices are linked on a client level (not project level)

Quick Invoices can be viewed via the clients tab by selecting the client > invoices tab or via the invoices tab and you can filter by client. 

Enter in a description, qty and rate for your line items/services. 

You can add in multiple line items by selecting > add line item

Once you are ready select > next  and select if required your client or add in a new client

Once you select or add your new client you will then see the quick invoice created ready to save or send.

You can view all invoices via the invoices tab

Hover your mouse to the right of each invoice to view and select from the quick icon options or 3 dot menu icon.

  • View

  • Edit and send

  • Mark as sent

  • Delete


  • Quick invoices are not attached to projects

  • Once you send a invoice with the online payment feature turned on the invoice will display the "Pay Invoice" online payment link so your clients can pay you via your connected Stripe/PayPal account.

  • You need to send a invoice or mark it as sent to activate the invoice. Once sent or marked as sent you can then record a payment on the invoice.

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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