Do you have your own customized contract you want to use? No worries!! Simply attach your contract to the proposal with AND CO and send it to your client so they can e-sign it online and approve it!

To get started you would need to create your proposal and you can view more here on how to create a proposal

Once you have created your proposal and set up the project terms the next page will show the proposal in review.

Simply hover your mouse over the second or third horizontal lines so you see the yellow highlighted sections

Once you see the highlighted yellow line select the yellow plus symbol.

Once selected you will see options to

  • Add Text

  • Add Images

  • Add Tables

  • Add Columns

  • Upload Files

Select the > File option

Once selected you will see the option to upload files as well as add a Title to this section.

See in my example, I have added a title and attached my custom contract

You can add multiple attachments if required simply by selecting the > Add a file option again in grey text.

Save Proposal As Draft

If you want to save the Proposal as a draft simply select the options tab top left > save. This will save the proposal as a draft and you can view it via the proposals and contract tab in draft mode.

Send Proposal For Approval

Once you have added your custom contracts or any other attachments and you are ready to send the proposal of to your client simply select the next option top right and send it off for approval.

Your client will receive and email with a link to review the proposal and any attachments

Once you rclient selects the > review proposal link in the email they will be able to review all the details of the proposal and attachments

Your Client can then select > Sign and approve the contract

Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns.


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