Time Tracking Weekly View

Need to track time via weekly view? No worries we have you covered at AND CO!

Easily view and track you weekly hours right in the app by selecting the Time Tracking Tab > week view

View Activities That Have Been Assigned To A Project

View Projects that have assigned time activities as well as add new activities to the project by selecting > Add New

You can also add in hours straight into the weekly view, edit the description and edit any existing hours if required. 

View Unassigned Time Activities

You can also view unassigned time activities in the weekly view and you can edit them, and edit the activity description

You can also add new unassigned time activities by selecting > add new

Sort Weekly View by 

  • Date Range

  • Clients

  • Projects

  • Activities

Select any of the sort options/headers to filter and sort your time

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💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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