Turning off your PayMe Page on invoices allows you to turn of the PayMe button on individual invoices and advise your client to pay via an alternate payment method as opposed to your online payment gateway options eg Stripe or PayPal. See more on setting up online payment options here.

Once you have set up online payments and connected to Stripe or PayPal and your personal PayMe link is displayed on invoices so your clients can pay you online with the click of a button.

Should you wish to turn this Pay Now button off on an invoice you can do so via the invoice itself. 

Select the invoice in review mode and select the options tab top right > invoice settings

Once you select invoice settings you will see a pop up page appear with further invoice settings > simply select to turn off "Accept Online Payments" > Update this Invoice


Once you have saved and updated the settings you will notice that the invoice is also updated and the PayMe button has been turned off. 

You can also select to save this setting as your default by checking this option so it updates for all invoices.

If you have alternate payment instructions we recommend displaying these via the invoice > edit mode> notes and alternative payment instructions section. 

Once you are ready to send your invoice select the > Next option top right and follow the prompts. 

Turn Off Default PayMe Settings for all invoices

You can also turn off your PayMe options by default for all invoices via the settings tab

Select > settings > invoicing

Select the option to turn on/off and > save settings

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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