You can seamlessly revise your proposal/contract that has already been sent with AND CO.

First step in revising your "Sent" proposal/contract is to select the Sent proposal/contract and you can do this via the Proposals & Contracts tab > Select the Sent proposal/contract.

Select the Sent proposal/contract you wish to revise via the proposal/contracts tab

Select the menu icon to the right (3 little dots)

Select > Revise from the drop down options

Once selected you will see the proposal/contract in view mode where you can make changes/edits.ย 

Change between the Proposal and Contract by selecting the options from the top leftย 

  • X to cancel (exit out of the contract)

  • Options (gear icon) Top leftย 

  • Save ( save contract as draft)

  • Remove the attached contract or add a contract to a proposal.ย 

  • Contract Settings - To edit the contract settings

  • Turn Edit View on/Off

Edit Contract Settings

Here you can make any required revisions/edits to the main terms of the attached contract

Once you have made changes select to save settings

You will then be taken back to a preview of the proposal/contract in edit mode where you can make further changes to the proposal page and contract by selecting the highlighted yellow boxes simply by selecting them.

For the Proposal you can select the yellow + symbols to add in text, images, tables, columns and attach files.

Proposal Page - edit mode

Contract- edit modeย 

Once you have made your changes/revisions you can select to save the contract as a draft or sign and send the contract to your client for review.ย 


  • The highlighted yellow fields on the proposal/contract page are where you can make changes as well as selecting the yellow +symbol to add in text, images, tables, columns and attach iles

  • Edit the contract settings by selecting the options tab top left when on the proposal page > contract settings

  • If you are revising a previously sent pending proposal/contract the client will receive a new email with a updated link to the contract. Please advise your client to review the recent email with the revised/updated link.ย 

๐Ÿ’Œ ย Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. ๐Ÿ’Œ


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