At times you may need to record and track income that is not tied to an invoice. If this is the case you can simply add the income as well as link it to a existing project/client within AND.CO.

Get Started with filing income via the green + Create tab > income option

This will take you directly to the Create Income Section so you can enter the details of your income. 

Alternatively you can file income by selecting the > income and expenses tab > new item > add income option

Once you have selected to add Income you can enter in the details of your income such as

  • Assign to a project or client
  • Total amount of income / currency /data
  • Client / source
  • What the income is for
  • Tax category
  • Add any taxes
  • Add any notes

Once you have entered in all the required details of the income select > the green create tab to create the income

You can then view the income via the Income & Expenses tab 

Once selected via the income and expenses tab > income you will have a full overview of the income you have created/added. 

You can edit an income at any time by selecting the Income and expenses > select the  icons next to the income to delete it, edit it, view it, send a payment receipt.

In view mode you can also view more details of the income payment, payments recorded and any notes as well as a history

You can also access these options via the drop down icon menu such as record payment, duplicate and delete the income.

You can view all payments recorded on the income via the > payments tab
Here you can view payments applied to the income transaction as well as add payments if required.

By Selecting the 3 little dots icon next to the income payment you will have the options to 

  • Edit the payment
  • Send a payment receipt 
  • Delete the payment

Select 3 dots > select from the options

You can add internal notes for the payment/income via the notes tab

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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