Proposals are a great first step in securing that contract/project and creating a proposal within AND CO is super simple. 

To Get Started with creating a proposal select the green +Create Button in the top right Then select > Create Proposal/Contract


Select the > Proposals and Contracts Tab > Add Proposal

The next step prompts you to 

  • name your project

  • choose a client / or create a new client

  • Select a star date

  • Select a end date

  • Select proposal only, proposal + contract or contract only

Create your services section allows you to 

  • create your services which are what you can select to invoice once the project is created.  (you can create multiple services) 

  • enter the description of each service, rate and billing type eg. flat fee, per hour, per item

  • select "add another service" to add multiple services

Set the billing schedule of your proposal & project and if a Deposit may be required. 

  • select to request a deposit ( deposit payment is part of the project total)

  • set recurring invoice reminders via the "I will invoice" option eg. weekly, monthly, on milestones or custom settings

  • set your first invoice reminder start date, this start date will set the date for future invoice reminder for that sequence

Select Continue to see a preview of the proposal before sending.

Once you have saved your project terms/fee and you are in review mode of the proposal you will notice a option to "add options" when you select this option you can add more details to your proposal such as text, Images, table, columns & files 

Simply select each option as required.

Once you have added in your proposal details select to Sign and Send the proposal. 

Once sent, your client will then receive a email with a link to review the proposal


  • You can attach a contract to the proposal before being approved via the proposal > 3 dot icon tab top right> attach contract.

  • Save the proposal via the 3 dot icon tab top right > save

  • You will receive a review proposal sent confirmation once your have sent the proposal via email

  • You will receive a notification via email and in the chat tab of when your client has viewed and signed the proposal

  • Once a proposal has been approved a project will be auto created

  • Once a proposal with a contract attached is approved a project is auto created with the contract attached. 

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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