Download  a Sent or Saved Proposal + Contract PDF

Once you have created the proposal or contract and sent/saved it you will have the option to download the proposal + contract as a PDF 

You can download the proposal pdf by selecting the proposals and contracts tab (webapp)  and select the download icon to the right of the proposal/contract

To Download the contract pdf you can select the 3 dots icon to the right. Once selected you will see the option to download contract pdf (contract)

Download an approved Proposal + Contract PDF

Once your proposal + contract has been approved you can download the pdf's as mentioned above or via the project once created. Once a proposal/contract is approved a project is then auto created for you in the app. Any proposals and contracts will be linked to the project > files tab. 

You can download the contract pdf via the project > files tab

Select the projects tab > Project that has been auto created once approved.
Select the projects tab >project > files tab

Download The Proposal via the saved draft/sent proposal

Alternatively, once you have created the proposal and saved it as a draft or sent it you can also simply download the pdf via the options tab top left > download pdf (This is for a draft/sent proposal).

Note: this will not include the Contract, which will have to be downloaded separately via the proposals + contracts tab > 3 dots icon next to the proposal+contract. 

Your client will also have an option to view the proposal/contract online  via the email they receive, they can select to "review the proposal/contract online by selecting the "review proposal/contract" link in the email.

If the Proposal had a contract attached or you just sent a contract once approved your client will be able to download the contract which is attached  via their email they receive.


  • When downloading the proposal/contract via the webapp please ensure you have disabled any pop up blockers in your browser. 

  • The pdf will download in a separate tab in your browser. 

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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