You can easily set up recurring expenses & save chunks of cash at tax time. With AND.CO, tracking your recurring expenses is as easy as β€œset and done.”

To get started and set up recurring expenses select the + Create Tab > Expense

Alternatively, you can select the >transactions tab > New Expense option in green

Add the details of your expense

To create the recurring expense ensure you select the option "Make Repeating" and enter your schedule/conditions of the recurring expense and even set an end date.


Also, select from the options in the expense screen to add details of your expense such as

  • Assign to project/client

  • Tax-deductible

  • billable to client

  • Total / currency / date

  • Merchant

  • Purpose

  • Tax category

  • Include Taxes

  • Make Repeating/ Recurring

  • Add notes

  • Attach Receipt

Once you are all set select the green create tab to save your recurring expense. Once saved you can view your recurring expense via the In&Out or Income and Expenses tab

By selecting the income and expenses tab > quick icons to the right of the expense you can simply edit the expense, delete the expense and duplicate the expense.

Add a Note to your expense by selecting the notes option and adding details of your note.Β 

  • To end a recurring expense simply edit the last expense in the recurrence and set the expense to one time. This will stop the expense from recurring moving forward. You can also set an end date for recurring expenses which will stop automatically based on the end date set.

  • You can backdate recurring expenses, simply enter in the start date of the expense, and set the recurrence. The system will then back date the expenses from the start date

πŸ’Œ Β Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator Support tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ


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