Import Data with AND CO 

The import feature in AND CO allows you to import your 

  • Client List

  • Income 

  • Expenses 

You can import all of clients, income and expense transactions directly into the app via a CSV File. 

This is a great way to get started on initial set up as well as ongoing by importing in all those income/expense transactions and clients from your bank or previous accounting system!

For the CSV File please note:

The fields for expenses are as follows:

  • Date, Merchant, Purpose, Total

The fields for income are as follows:

  • Date, Description, Source, Total

The fields for clients are as follows:

  • Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, Street, Suite, City, Zip Code, Country, State

To Import Data via CSV

Select your Profile picture icon

Select Settings

Select > integrations > import data

You can also import data via the income and expenses tab > select New Item drop down >Import from .csv file

From the drop down select from one of the options, import, clients, income or expenses and upload your CSV file.

Also,  you can check the box for "first line corresponds to field names" if your CSV first line (headers corresponds to the column/field names).

Once you have uploaded your CSV file you will see options to map your CSV file column headers into the import. See example for importing income.

Once you have mapped all headers simply select > continue to complete the import.

To view your imported clients select the clients tab on the Web

To View your income/expense transactions select the > income and expenses tab and remember to set the date range. You can also filter by income or expenses.

🗽 Tips: 🗽

  • The file imported MUST be in CSV format.

  • You can edit income and expense transactions by selecting them and editing before saving your changes. 

  • The date format in your file must match the date format of your AND CO account (MM/DD/YYYY).

  • The currency of the Income and Expense items you are going to import must match the currency of your AND CO account (USD).

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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