Recurring Invoice Reminders

Recurring invoice reminders are automated notifications to remind you when an invoice is due to be sent and these are set up as per your billing schedule within your project terms. 

Your Project terms/billing schedule can be set up via a proposal, contract and project. A proposal and contract once approved auto creates your project in the app for you. 

You can set up your billing schedule within the project terms one time to then auto receive notifications via email and your " My Desk" tab as a  task  to action in the app to send the invoice when it is due based on your billing schedule.  😊 

Set up recurring invoice reminders via the proposal/contract

First step is to create your proposal/contract or project.

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When creating your proposal/contract or project you will be prompted to set up your billing schedule via the project services section within the proposal/contract and project. 

Enter in the conditions of the recurring invoice reminders such as date of first invoice, frequency of billing eg. weekly, monthly, on milestones or custom and when you would like your first invoice reminder to commence.

Once your proposal/contract is approved by your client a project is auto created. for you in the app and you can view the project via the projects tab.

If you are simply setting up a project without a proposal or contract, your project will be created automatically right away so you can get started on your services and invoices.

Once you have set your invoicing billing schedule you will then receive in app notifications, Task to invoice your client via the Tasks tab and reminders to invoice via email.

Invoice reminder via your Desk tab

Invoice Reminder via email

Once you select the invoice due notification via your "Desk" or "Email"notification tab you will be directed to your desk tab to select the task or if you select the task you will be directed to the invoice so you can select the terms you wish to invoice and make any edits to the invoice if required prior to sending.


  • To stop receiving these reminders you can simply archive or end the project or change the billing schedule terms.

  • If you have already sent the invoice but the task is still displayed simply dismiss the task by selecting "Dismiss reminder" from the quick action icons when you hover your mouse to the right of the task.

Select your services and select next to review your invoice prior to sending it to your client for payment. 🙌

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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