As we’ve grown, we’ve decided that the next big step forward is to offer a premium, professional paid version of AND.CO with spiffy new features like being able to fully edit contracts as well as add/remove sections, remove the AND.CO branding on all client facing links, invoices, proposals, contracts, PayMe Page, subscriptions etc, connect up to 6 supported bank accounts for expense tracking and even unlock unlimited active clients!!  

All of the revenue from these paid plans will be put directly into improving our product and adding even more great features for you in the future!    
The Pro plan starts at only $18/mo and we also keep a free plan for casual members.                    
The basics:

Unlimited Clients: On the free plan, you can have only one client at a time. With AND.CO Pro, you can enjoy all of AND.CO’s features and send proposals, contracts and invoices to anyone anywhere, anytime!
Remove AND CO Branding: Remove the AND.CO logos and messaging from your correspondences with clients, such as emails. On Pro, your logo will be the only logo clients can see!
Editable Contracts: Edit, Hide and Create new clauses within our Standard Freelancing Contract template! On Pro, you will be able to have full control over the Attachment B legal text.
Priority support: With Pro you’ll get priority support to help you with any question or issue you may have! Our support team will help you make the most of your AND.CO account, and even offer you a private session to help you get started!
Connect up to 6 supported bank accounts so you can automate and track all of your business expenses.

💌  Please reach out to your friendly CO's via the Chief Operator tab in the app should you have any questions or concerns. 💌


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